About The Creator
Daniel Ngo
Creator of Opportunities

With a successful career in the Information Technology industry over the last 12 years, my focus has now zoned in on giving back and also creating something I could share with likeminded business professionals and entrepreneurs. Having been a founder of a tech company I can provide insight into many businesses verticals as IT is the backbone of many fields.

I’ve helped many start-ups scale by understanding their business with a main focus on their systems (not only limited to IT) and saw the growing pains on a daily basis, which has given me an insight into understanding individual and organizational challenges.

When my own Tech company was founded, I always felt that looking back if I had a level of guidance and some insight into making better decisions and people to bounce ideas off I would have avoided some vital business miscalculations.

With the lack of maturity in the corporate field and having more technical skills than business experience I have found out that over time I would have to push myself to focus more on the commercial views and customers for the business to be sustainable and cater for growth.

Having spent a lot of time in the U.S. and seeing the way they do business over there by driving each other forward in different verticals, I found myself really seeing a difference when returning to Australia. I wanted to create a space to solve all of the difficulties I had when launching my startup.

Many people disagree with my views and opinions on the subject by asking, how one is to know if the stove is hot without burning themselves to find out? However my mindset is the approach that if we can share the formulas and stories of success and relate to the failures, we can all help each other avoid those negative outcomes by learning from others.

Daniel Ngo