About Us
About Entrepreneur Haus
Bringing together a unique culture and mentoring environment where businesses and individuals can grow and inspire each other.
Located in the heart of South Brisbane, working with likeminded businesses will be sure to inspire you.

The redeveloped warehouse brings a very unique industrial/creative feel to the space. Entrepreneur Haus has worked with some new innovative designers and builders to be able to bring you this beautiful and trendy new design. The use of custom modified and recycled shipping containers for individual offices brings form together with function. Entrepreneur Haus also focuses on what makes the difference in this new aged digital content driven business world. With the combination of all these design features we are able to bring the community the feeling of comfort in an advanced realm of opportunities. Purpose built furniture created from the highest quality materials gives the space a very unique look and feel with the ergonomics of a working environment that makes you constantly feel want to create something truly amazing. Using a combination of high and low seating areas we can give members working flexibility and space to move around.

The main focal point in this space is to bring collective groups of likeminded businesses together to push their creations forward. We feel that the current environments available do not focus enough on the cultural aspects, however this is what drives us at Entrepreneur Haus.

Entrepreneur Haus delivers a unique space that is aesthetically pleasing while being practical. Within the space is where you will also find a unique dual purpose room can be used for meetings and also as a room dedicated for creating content for social media and product shoots. This we believe will be the next chapter of marketing and will have all the tools for people to create and share amazing content.

With the world changing so rapidly, even we have had to pivot our business, we have moved towards online mentoring, allowing us to connect and help you be accountable for your own success.