The Space
Entrepreneur Haus Features
Learn About the Space
  • Month to month terms
  • Culture driven environment
  • Open and comfortable working space
  • Like-minded businesses you need under the one roof
  • Silicon valley style working place
  • Fully air-conditioned with personal controls in the individual offices
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Security and cleaning
  • Code access for members
  • Meeting spaces
  • Open working spaces
  • 24/7 access for members
  • Hot Desk space available at daily and weekly rates
  • Permanent desk/office working space available
  • Kitchenette and dining area
  • Green space
    • Skylights to minimise power usage
    • Ceramic coated roof to decrease energy usage by reflecting heat
    • LED lighting to decrease energy costs
  • Casual social space
  • Parking across the street and close by
  • Virtual office options available
  • Plenty of public transport options
Space Design Features
Purpose Built Space

Warehouse Style & Ergonomic Feel

  • With open an opened spaced environment and an industrial feel we want to inspire the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to think outside of the box, rather than to be sitting in a quiet office all day long.
  • Anywhere that you sit in this space you can see others working, bringing together this culture is very important for the working environment of the space and the people within it.
  • As soon as you walk into the space the area gives you inspiration to be creative as if you were entering a new world.

Custom Containers

  • The container offices are purpose built for the space, by using large glass sliding doors the offices have a very open feel while still being private.
  • Each office has its own AC unit for that added comfort with ventilation.
  • Purpose built desk gives the space a very natural and comfortable feeling.
  • Adjustable lighting provides customizable spot area lighting for the occupants.
  • Each office is lockable for added security.

Wooden Features

  • With the use of wood we deliver a very growing and earthly feel.
  • Customized features gives the ergonomics of creativity and is pleasing to the eye.

Purpose Built Furniture

  • Purpose built furniture for a purpose built space is one of the greatest design elements of this space. While sitting down in this space you take a quick look around and realise that everything in the space has been custom built for one purpose, to help people succeed. The environment of the space will be the constant reminder of why we do what we do and why we are in the space, to create amazing things.
  • Entrepreneur Haus is swaying away from the norm when it comes to furniture. We wanted to bring the relaxed café style feel rather than delivery of the typical boring office furniture look.

High Stools & Desks

  • High stools keep good posture and keep the mind focused.

Container Kitchen

  • A nifty design and comfortable space to take a break. Eating and taking a break is usually an element that is overlooked. A person can only produce and perform at their best if they are taking care of the vehicle that will take them to their ultimate destination, their body.

Green Space

  • Large use of green, live plants are a constant reminder of life and how we need to nurture things to grow. With the correct elements life and business can become better.

Mobile Media Centre

  • The mobile media located in the meeting space will be able cater for presentation meetings.

Evolving Space

  • All of the custom furniture built within this space is movable to create a different environment.

Mezzanine Deck with Open Working & Meeting Spaces

  • This mezzanine level brings more working spaces to the area giving a bird’s eye view of almost every element which makes up Entrepreneur Haus.
  • Purpose built desk are also in this space with separated areas for businesses looking for a more permanent solution. With lower ergonomic office chairs in this space we are able to deliver a comfortable working space.

Natural Lighting

  • Skylights and rear windows bring in natural light, it is important for people to know what time of the day it is and to be able to see outside to reset their minds to have balance in their lives.

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